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Panel Meter Software Automates Programming

New software for use with the Trident line of digital panel meters has been developed so users can set up, view and collect data remotely from one to 100 meters. MeterView 3.0 software automates the data acquisition process by letting users program or read meter settings, save meter profiles for cloning, and user profiles for reporting. Compatible with Windows and LabVIEW, this software reportedly has simple programming screens. Users can select their engineering units and data logging interval from 2s to 60 hrs, and collect data from multiple data points. Suitable for applications ranging from laboratory tests to monitoring tank levels, MeterView 3.0 and the Trident meter accept process voltage and current inputs, 100W RTDs, and the four most common thermocouples. Standard programming capabilities include input configuration, meter scaling, relay, filter and alarm setting, and password protection. Pricing ranges from $49 to $249, depending on the number of meters being supported. PRECISION DIGITAL CORP., Natick, MA. (800) 343-1001.


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