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Passive Voltage Probe Outfits Popular Scopes

Groomed as a replacement probe for high-frequency oscilloscopes, the Model CT3288RA 500-MHz, 10x fixed passive voltage probe is fully compatible with Tektronix, Agilent, and other high-end oscilloscopes having an input impedance of 1 MW, shunted by an input capacitance between 9 pF to 18 pF. Features include a slim body, dc to 500-MHz bandwidth (-3 dB), 0.7-ns rise time, readout actuator pin, compliance with 300V CATII per IEC 61010-031, 1.2m cable, and a unique snap-locking, sprung-hook adapter. When the probe's actuating pin makes contact with an scope's actuation pad, if so equipped, the scope automatically detects the 10x attenuation setting of the probe and adjusts the scale readout accordingly. The Model 3288RA comes with a complete accessory kit and is priced at $79. CAL TEST ELECTRONICS, Yorba Linda, CA. (888) 256-2246.


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