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PC-Based Resistance Test System Tests And Plots Linearity Accurately

The model 8340 tests and plots the resistance (voltage ratio) of a wide range of single and dual potentiometers (1-20 turns), rotary position sensors, and inclinometers/tilt sensors from 50 Ω to 5 MΩ with 12-bit resolution for every 0.25° of rotation. Its accuracy (resistance ratio) is within ±0.05%. Using a 5-V dc test voltage, it can typically plot 300° of a potentiometer's rotation in 75 seconds. The user's PC controls the test sequence and parameters. Software is included with the purchase price of $6800. Measured data can be transferred to any spreadsheet, math program, or charting program with graphical capabilities. A macro for spreadsheets is provided.

Taylor Electronic Designs;
(416) 504-9699

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