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PC-Based Switches For SCXI Route 1.3 Or 4 GHz Signals

The SCXI-1190 and -1191 Quad 4:1, high-frequency switches multiplex signals up to 1.3 GHz and 4 GHz, repectively, and feature a characteristic impedance of 50 ohms. Based on the modular architecture of SCXI, these switches are claimed to be ideal for use in production test, automated test equipment, and data acquisition applications where high-frequency signals need routing or switching.
Both instruments are fully compatible with the company's popular test environments including LabVIEW and TestStand. In addition, the instruments work with the company's other PC-based instruments which include PCI- and cPCI-instruments.
Both instruments are available and pricing is $1395 for the SCXI-1190 and $4595 for the SCXI-1191.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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