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PCI-Based Arbitrary Waveform Generator Plays Numerous Bench Roles

The GC1300 PCI-based arbitrary waveform generator provides the performance of a function generator, an arbitrary waveform synthesizer, and a programmable sequencer in just one instrument. The GC1300 offers a 10-digit sample clock frequency setting and 1-ppm clock accuracy and stability. It enables multiple instrument synchronization and accepts sequences of up to 4096 waveforms. Additional features include 14-bit vertical resolution and 2-Mbyte memory depth. This unit is an alternative to a GPIB-based waveform generator when developing a PCI-based test system. Its high 125-Msample/s sample rate suits it as a modulation source for troubleshooting new encoding schemes. It also supplies high-speed waveforms to simulate signal distortion, power-line cycle dropouts, video signals, components failures, and power-supply transients. ArbConnection software controls instrument functions and features, such as generating, editing, and downloading waveforms from a remote computer. The GC1300 starts at $3995.

Geotest-Marvin Test Systems Inc.; (888) TEST-BY-PXI

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