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Platform Accelerates Closed Loop Actuator Design

Platform Accelerates Closed Loop Actuator Design

Enabling the rapid development of custom closed-loop micro actuator modules, the M3 (Micro-Mechatronic Module) design platform builds on the miniature SQUIGGLE motor and TRACKER position sensor technology. The design platform yields a complete closed-loop actuator on a printed circuit board of 12 mm x 30 mm or less. Modules exhibit low power consumption while operating with a 3.3V input voltage. No external control board is necessary and simple serial commands drive an on-board PID controller using a standard I2C, SPI, or USART interface. A basic M3 design platform consists of an SQL-RV-1.8 reduced voltage SQUIGGLE RV micro motor, NSD-2101 motor driver, a TRACKER NSE-5310 position sensor (encoder), and a microprocessor for PID control. NEW SCALE TECHNOLOGIES INC., Victor, NY. (585) 924-4450.


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