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Portable Scopes Boast Four Isolated Channels

The new TPS2000 Series DSOs are full-featured, battery-powered digital storage oscilloscopes with up to four isolated channels. The series consists of three models: TPS2012, TPS2014 and TPS2024. The 2012 has two 100 MHz channels, while the 2014 and 2024 have four channels with 100 MHz and 200 MHz bandwidth, respectively. The channels on all models are isolated from ground thanks to the company's IsolatedChannel technology. All models also include a 4-hour rechargeable battery, real-time acquisition capability, advanced triggers up to their full bandwidth, and digital real-time sampling technology to capture single-shot and intermittent events. Floating measurements up to 30 VRMS can be made using the standard P2220 probe provided with the instrument; floating measurements up to 600 VRMS CAT II can be made using the TPS2PBND Power Bundle option, which includes the P5120 passive high-voltage probe and TPS2PWR1 power measurement and analysis software. With two batteries installed, the compact scope weighs just 8 lb. For further information and pricing, contact TEKTRONIX INC., Beaverton, OR. (800) 426-2200.


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