Electronic Design

Portable System Dispenses Two Part Adhesives

For field service chores, the portable Servo-Flo 704-PGM two-component, variable-ratio, high-volume, meter-mix dispense system allows users to easily move the system in pieces through small openings or store it in a confined area. Its dual-servomotor is designed to dispense materials at various fluid ratios and various flow rates without making any mechanical changes to the equipment. Adjustments to ratio or material flow are made electronically at the operator interface. Three levels of operator interface controls are available to handle the meter-mix dispense process requirement. The system operator interface control selects a preset dispense program of fluid volume settings and output flow rates. The system controller also accepts inputs from an automation controller to select different stored flow and volume programs for multi-part dispensing requirements. Additionally, the meter system accepts low- to high-viscosity materials and comes with pumps or pressure tanks. SEALANT EQUIPMENT & ENGINEERING INC., Plymouth, MI. (734) 459-8600.


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