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Portable Test Set Handles 4.3 GHz FMCW Altimeters

Portable Test Set Handles 4.3 GHz FMCW Altimeters

The ALT-8000, reportedly the world’s first RF-based portable radio altimeter flightline test set, is a lightweight universal test set for 4.3-GHz frequency modulated continuous carrier wave (FMCW) radio altimeters and pulse radio altimeters. Both easy to use and portable, the instrument can be coupled to the radio altimeter transmitter/receiver (TX/RX) ports or connected via TX/RX antenna couplers. The test set provides RF simulation of radio altitude from -100 feet to +50,000 feet (±1.5-foot accuracy) and altitude rate may be set to provide a ramping altitude simulation to verify decision heights and altitude trips. Up to three ALT-8000 test sets may be linked via an altitude sync line for executing two- or three-channel coordinated altitude simulation for dual or triple installation auto-land system testing. Price for the ALT-8000 radio altimeter test set is less than $15,000. AEROFLEX INC., Wichita, KS. (800) 835-2352.


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