Power Scope Offers Real-Time Accuracy For Transient Detection

Power Scope Offers Real-Time Accuracy For Transient Detection

Yokogowa’s PX8000 brings oscilloscope-style time-based measurement to the world of power measurement. It can capture voltage and current waveforms precisely, opening up applications and solutions for a variety of emerging power measurement problems.

With 12-bit resolution with 100-Msample/s sampling and 20-MHz bandwidth, the PX8000 can be used to accurately measure inverter pulse shapes, which then can be used to fine-tune inverter efficiency. A choice of input modules covers voltage, current, and sensor measurements at voltages up to 1000 V RMS and currents up to 5 A RMS (higher values are possible with external current sensors), with basic accuracy down to ±0.1%.

To evaluate three-phase electrical systems, at least three power measurement inputs are required. The PX8000 not only has four inputs, it also enables the simultaneous capture and display of voltage and current across all three phases.

Features that support the measurement and analysis of transient power profiles include the capture of power waveforms over specific periods of time through the definition of start and stop cursors. Simultaneous voltage and current multiplication are also possible to provide real-time power sampling, supporting both transient measurement (as standard) and numerical values averaged across the sample period. Up to 16 different waveforms—including voltage, current, and power—can be displayed side by side, providing instant snapshots of performance.

The PX8000 has built-in functions for the direct calculation of derived parameters, such as root mean square (RMS) and mean power values, to enable the identification of cycle-by-cycle trends.


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