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Precision Measurement System Snoops Out Sound And Vibration

Precision Measurement System Snoops Out Sound And Vibration

VIBpoint embarks as a series of vibration-measurement products for sound and vibration applications including noise emission monitoring, predictive maintenance, and shock analysis. The series includes both USB and Ethernet (LXI-compliant) hardware options, supported by VIBpoint framework application software. The application provides precise synchronization of all 16 IEPE channels for vibration analysis and monitoring applications. The measurement system provides data analysis using FFT modes for linear, exponential, and peak hold. Available in USB or Ethernet versions, both systems offer 24-bit simultaneous analog inputs. The Ethernet version includes ISO-Channel inputs that provide 1-kV galvanic isolation. A VIBpoint precision measurement system complete with the VIBpoint framework application software is priced starting at $7,695. DATA TRANSLATION INC., Marlboro, MA. (800) 525-8528.


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