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Precision Pulse Generator Offers Complete Programmability

The Model PB-5 precision pulse generator, manufactured by Berkeley Nucleonics Corp., performs well in the areas of resolution, linearity, and stability. With its full-featured, highly flexible ramp generator, this completely programmable plug-in device is suited for use with the company's Model AP-3 portable NIM power supply.

Control of ramp du-ration, the number of ramps, and ramp limits is provided by the built-in ramp generator. Users can then test a system's entire range, or just a portion of that range. Through use of a spinner knob or keypad pushbuttons, users can set key parameters, including ramp settings, pulse settings, and trigger settings.

The PB-5 features a 2-Hz to 500-kHz repetition rate and a pulse width of 100 ns to 1 ms. Its rated delay ranges from 250 ns to 10 ms. Typical rise time is 0.05 to 10 µs in eight steps, while typical decay time is 0.5 µs to 1.0 ms in 11 steps. Amplitude ranges from 0 to 10 V. While resolution is rated at 155 µV, jitter is ±10 ppm. Available pulse types in-clude flat-top and tail pulse. And, it offers an integral nonlinearity of ±15 ppm and a temperature stability of ±5 ppm/°C in the 20°C to 45°C range.

Up to nine parameter configurations may be stored by the device. Also, this precision pulse generator stores parameters in use at shutdown time for automatic recall when power is restored. Available now, the PB-5 costs $4580.

Berkeley Nucleonics Corp., 3060 Kerner Blvd., #2, San Rafael, CA 94901; (415) 453-9955; fax (415) 453-9956; Internet: www.berkeleynucleonics.com.

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