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Probe Analyzes Bus Transactions To 800 MHz

In anticipation of the advent of the Direct Rambus dynamic random access memory (RDRAM) market, the firm has partnered with FuturePlus Systems in co-developing an analysis probe that allows computer designers to analyze bus transactions occurring at speeds up to 800 MHz. The probe can be used with the firm's most advanced logic analyzers to provide synchronous state analysis in monitoring bus transactions from the host processor to the Direct Rambus memory subsystem. The probe, which plugs easily into a RIMM connector, allows passive bus analysis by providing an electrical and mechanical interface from the Direct Rambus RIMM to the logic analyzer. It includes software to set up the logic analyzer and inversely assemble digital data into bus transactions. A complete system consists of an HP 16700A or 16702A logic analysis system, a Direct Rambus analysis probe, one HP 16517A synchronous state master module, and three HP 16518A synchronous-state expansion modules.

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