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Probe Holder Helps Measure Attoamp-Level Current

Providing low current, low noise performance plus a low capacitance variation that permits measurement in the attoamp femto Farad range, the Model 83 triaxial probe holder is designed to stabilize the probe and remove residual vibration. It measures 4.25" and does not absorb moisture over time and can withstand high temperatures. And due to the guarded, shielded design of the replaceable probe tips, extremely close guarding to the measurement reference plane is possible. Three guarded tip designs are available: Model 83-70X with a 0.25µ point radius; Model 83-70A with a 0.35µ point radius; and Model 83-7B with a 0.5µ point radius. The disposable probe tips are slipped into the Model 83 probe holder and are held in place with a friction spring-loaded fit. Disposable probe tips can be purchased separately. Model 82-TCAB high performance cable is available in two lengths (14' and 30') to support Model 83. MICROMANIPULATOR, Carson City, NV. (800) 654-5659.


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