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Probe Keeps Pace With Speedy DSA Scope

Complementing the 20-GHz DSA72004 digital serial analyzer (DSA) oscilloscope, the P7520 probe matches the DSA for bandwidth and features a fast rise time, low circuit loading, and the company's TriMode measurement switching. The DSA72004/P7520 combo allows users to debug and validate the third harmonic of 10 Gb/s signals and perform compliance testing to the fifth harmonic on signals up to 8 Gb/s including PCI-Express 3, SATA Gen-3, and HDMI 1.3. TriMode technology supports switching between differential, single-ended, and common mode measurements without moving probe connections, providing the ability to probe three points simultaneously and make three different measurements with one probe and one setup. Interchangeable probe tip modules provide miniature solder-in tips, interchangeable extension cables, and a needle-nose handheld style probe module. Pricing for the P7520 is $16,900. TEKTRONIX INC., Beaverton, OR. (800) 426-2200.


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