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Probe Lets Scopes View Optical Signals

Turning an oscilloscope into an optical test instrument becomes simple and easy with the TIA-950, a fiber-optic probe that mounts directly onto the BNC input of a scope or digitizer. Optical signals presented to the energized unit are said to be faithfully reproduced on the scope's CRT screen. The probe can be used to make quick checks of the output of a fiber-optic communications link, the operation of a laser source, or the signal from an optical transmitter.Said to provide true electrical isolation, TIA950 probe can detect 900- to 1700-nm wavelengths with an InGaAs detector. It also offers a gain selection switch (x1 and x10), provides a peak response of about 1200V to 12,000V per watt, and spans a bandwidth of up to 750 MHz in the low gain setting and 250 MHz in the high gain setting.


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