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Process Calibrator Is Certified Intrinsically Safe

The 707EX Loop Calibrator from Fluke is the first in a line of test tools developed specifically for hazardous environments like petrochemical plants, oil platforms and refineries, and other places subject to risk of explosion. The 707Ex meets Factory Mutual (FM) certification for 707Ex N.I. Class 1 Division 2, Groups A-D. It also complies with the latest European ATEX (ATmospheric EXplosibles) directive. The calibrator combines Fluke's technology in handheld test tools with the latest ATEX certification.

Its ergonomic design combines the best of both knob- and button-based calibrators in a single, easy to use device with features like span checking, manual stepping, and automatic ramping. Pushbutton-selectable 25% voltage steps allow quick, easy linearity checks, while a built-in span check function enables fast zero and span confirmation. Both loop current sourcing and simulating are standard. Selectable slow ramp, fast ramp, and step functions provide users with test signals needed for valve slewing and loop functional tests. Readings are in "mA" and "%." A single 9-V battery can be changed without breaking the calibration seal. Available now, it costs $875.

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Fluke Corp.

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