Electronic Design

Programmable 5-1/2-Digit DMM Optimized For Bench Design

Keithley_0924-AThe Model 2110 5-1/2-digit Dual-Display DMM, from Keithley Instruments, is optimized for a variety of general-purpose system and bench design applications. Capabilities include dc voltage (1000 V) and current (10 A), ac voltage (750 V) and current, two- and four-wire resistance, temperature, frequency (10 Hz - 300 kHz) and period, and capacitance measurements. Programmable A-D converter and filter settings optimize the DMM's signal-to-noise ratio to improve measurement accuracy. At the fast 4-1/2-digit setting, it takes up to 50,000 readings/second. The Model 2110 DMM is suitable for applications in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic testing of low-cost electronic devices, circuits, modules, electrical components, and semiconductor components. Production, R&D and test engineers, scientists and students will find the product useful for measurements not demanding the ultra-high precision that other Series 2000 DMMs provide. Available now, the price of the Model 2110 5-1/2-Digit Dual-Display DMM is $595 for USB-only version and $725 for USB/GPIB option.

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