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Programmable AC Source Handles All Standards

Designed for worldwide compliance and pre-compliance power standards testing, the 61500 AC Source series programmable ac source combines high inrush current, 16-bit/4-1/2-digit measurements, and waveform programmability. An advanced PWM design claims to deliver a clean output waveform with the highest possible crest factor, six times rms, in a programmable ac source. Features include a dual ac range from 0 to 150 Vac and 0 to 300 Vac or dual dc outputs from 0 to 212 Vdc and 0 to 424 Vdc. The unit also provides an external analog input for capturing real-world wave shapes and replaying them through an arbitrary waveform generator. Available in single- or three-phase configurations from 500 to 6,000 VA/ phase, price is $3,700 for a 500 VA, single-phase unit (Model 61501). CHROMA SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS, Irvine, CA. (800) 478-2026.


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