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The Ultra2320 SCSI Protocol Analyzer supports all SCSI speeds up to and including the latest standard, Ultra320 SCSI, which reaches data transmission speeds of up to 320 MB/s between SCSI devices. The Ultra 2320 supports the full range of SCSI transmission speeds and protocols, including features such as double transition (DT) data transfers, hardware CRC checking, domain validation, packetized SCSI, QAS, and parallel protocol request (PPR). The Ultra2320 doubles the size of available trace memory in Ultra320 analyzers to 16 million events, which enables it to keep pace with the increased traffic speeds of advanced SCSI buses. Designed for use by engineers developing, integrating and supporting SCSI systems and devices, the analyzer includes the following features: support for LVD, HVD and SE interfaces; time resolution of 2 ns; WarpSearch hardware search engine; and remote operation over Ethernet/Internet. It also includes a Programmer’s Development Kit option with a library of routines so that users can directly control the device. Customers can choose the Ultra2320 as a stand-alone PCI card or packaged in any of three computer systems: lunchbox, Notebook Companion or minitower. Pricing starts at $6,900. ANCOT CORP., Menlo Park, CA. (650) 322-5322.

Company: ANCOT CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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