Electronic Design

Prototyping Tools Get Overhaul

New releases of the CoWare SPW products include SPW 2010.1 that advances the LTE (Long Term Evolution) Wireless Reference Library and adds a complete Xilinx implementation flow that includes direct source translation technology from C Data Flow (CDF) into RTL. The LTE reference library implements reference system simulation models that allow validation and exploration of many different use cases. This current release adds support for the physical random access channel, which can generate any preamble at any allowable cyclic shift, calculate the probabilities of detection, and miss detection or false alarm in the receiver. It also supports modeling multiple users. The revamped Xilinx flow combines 10+ years of SPW hardware implementation technology for RTL generation with Xilinx’s optimized IP components from its ISE flow into one easy-to-use flow. The SPW 2010.1 release is available immediately. COWARE INC., San Jose, CA. (408) 436-4720.


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