Pulse-Measurement Option Comes To Handheld Radar Analyzers

Pulse-Measurement Option Comes To Handheld Radar Analyzers

Simplified radar field testing is the reason behind Agilent’s implementation of a pulse-measurement option for its FieldFox handheld analyzers. Handheld products traditionally lack the performance necessary to measure pulsed signals, and field measurements typically don’t correlate with those taken using laboratory instruments.

With the FieldFox pulse-measurement option, users now need only carry a single instrument into the field to verify and measure radar pulse characteristics, S-parameters, spectrum analysis, and transmitter power. Moreover, all measurements made with FieldFox are consistent with those of benchtop analyzers.

The pulse-measurement option characterizes radar signal quality using Agilent’s U202x peak-power sensors (available in 18- and 40-GHz models). By combining the pulse-measurement mode and U202x, maintenance crews can check radar signal quality without having to carry a heavy benchtop instrument into the field. With the push of a button, users are able to perform pulse characterization in the field and obtain all key performance indicators.


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