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Pulse/Pattern Generators Balance Price And Performance

Touting an unprecedented combination of price and performance, the 12000 series pulse and pattern generators includes the 165-MHz/20-Vp-p Model 12000, the 800-MHz/2.5-Vp-p Model 12010, and the 1.6-GHz/2.5-V-pp Model 12020. Each offers fully programmable pulse and pattern capabilities with numerous user selectable modes of operation and they share a similar mechanical configuration plus a front panel GUI and GPIB/USB programmability. The Model 12000 delivers an output up to 40V with programmable rise time and repetition rates from 1 mHz to 165 MHz (3 ns to 1,000s pulse duration). It has the ability to perform channel adding by summing the output of channels one and two and is available with either one or two channels, configurable for either rear- or front-panel outputs. The 12010 and 12020 instruments feature serial-data testing capabilities including an option for jitter insertion, 16-Mbits of memory depth per channel, and spread spectrum clocking. Considered novel, the jitter-insertion option allows users to test circuit response to intentional timing perturbations. Jitter capabilities include multi-unit interval sinusoidal jitter, random jitter, and deterministic jitter injection. The 12010 and 12020 are available with either one or two output channels, with or without jitter insertion capability. Prices start at $9,875 for the Model 12000, $16,945 for the Model 12010, and $23,945 for the Model 12020. PICOSECOND PULSE LABS INC., Boulder, CO. (303) 209-8100.


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