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PXI Card Hosts 24 x 4 Matrix Relay

compact, 3U PXI slot. The card provides three different software-controlled modes: normal, break-before-make, and mux. In normal mode, any relay can connect to or disconnect from any bus at any time. In break-before-make mode, changes to the existing connections causes all relays to open for a software-programmable break time before the new connection states occur. Mux mode configures the card into three banks of eight channels and forces the card into break-before-make mode so that only one channel of a bank can be connected to a given bus at one time. The relays handle 150 Vdc, 150 Vac peak, and 1A maximum. Additionally, the software allows users to control all channels with functional calls through standard programming languages, either manually or via a 256-state scan list. DIGALOG SYSTEMS INC., New Berlin, WI. (262) 797-8000.


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