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PXI Controllers Abet Test, Measurement, And Control Apps

Described as low-cost embedded controllers, the PXI-8104 and PXI-8183 target value-based test, measurement, and control applications. The PXI-8104 employs a Celeron M 440 processor running at 1.86 GHz and dual-channel 533 MHz DDR2 memory. It delivers a 41% performance boost over its predecessor, the NI PXI-8195 controller. The NI PXI-8183, the company’s lowest-cost Windows-based PXI embedded controller, suits high-volume OEM and industrial control applications. The two-slot controller features an 850-MHz Celeron processor and forms a compact platform when combined with a PXI-1036 or other PXI-compatible chassis. Both controllers are also available in versions supporting LabVIEW Real-Time and LabWindows/CVI Real-Time software. Prices for the PXI-8104 and PXI-8183 start at $2,999 and $1,499, respectively. NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS, Austin, TX. (888) 280-7645.


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