Electronic Design

PXI Module Harbors LIN Interface

Offering a cost effective entry-level module, GOEPEL electronic has expanded its wide range of LIN communication controllers for testing electronic control units (ECU). The PXI 3078 module provides two LIN bus or K-Line interfaces. LIN specifications 1.3, 2.0 and 2.1 are supported. The bus communication includes all LIN-typical message types and diagnosis services like event triggered frames, sporadic frames, unconditional frames and diagnostic frames. Configured as a K-Line interface, the module supports the diagnosis protocols KWP 2000, KWP 1281 and ISO 9141 (Ford) as well as generation of arbitrary telegrams. Optionally, extended command sets such as stimuli/response runs, ramps or table functions are available as software add-on modules. Pluggable bus transceivers allow the module to be adapted to project specific hardware requirements by users.  Bus transceivers are available for all common LIN transceiver types. 

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