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PXI Switches Maximize Density, Minimize Footprint

Extending the company’s test offerings, three general-purpose PXI switch modules promise to maximize relay density in a single PXI chassis, resulting in reduced system costs and smaller test systems. The NI PXI-2568 switch module is a 31-channel SPST (Form A) relay module that features independent, latching armature relays. It can switch up to 2A at 30 Vdc/30 Vac or up to 150 Vdc/150 Vac at lower currents. Upping density levels further, the NI PXI-2569 provides a 100-channel SPST (Form A) relay module in a single 3U PXI module. The NI PXI-2570 is a 40-channel SPDT (Form C) relay module capable of switching 100 Vdc/100 Vac or 1 A. NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS, Austin, TX. (888) 280-7645.


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