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Radiometric Toolkit Eyes IR Cameras

Designed to acquire, radiometrically calibrate, process, analyze and archive data from digital infrared (IR) imaging systems, the RTools software toolkit permits users of advanced IR cameras to realize spatial, temporal and sprectral radiometric data in units of absolute or contrast radiance, irradiance, radiant intensity and temperature. When coupled with a high-end focal plane array (FPA) camera, RTools is said to be well-suited for imaging applications requiring extremely accurate radiometric quantities of static or dynamic phenomenon. Several standalone modules are included in the kit, all compatible wit the U.S. Air Force's Standard Archive Format (SAF). Among the modules are the RDac real-time data acquisition program and RView for in-depth radiometric image viewing, analysis and report generation. For more details, contact Aileen Wrench at INDIGO SYSTEMS CORP., Goleta, CA. (805) 964-9797.


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