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Real-Time Oscilloscopes Handle 20 Gsamples/s Per Channel

A new family of 4- and 6-GHz real-time oscilloscopes introduces the first models in the industry to offer four full-bandwidth channels operating at 20 Gsamples/s. Paired with Agilent's InfiniiMax 1130A series active probes at 3.5 to 7 GHz, the Infiniium scopes deliver industry-leading performance and probing connectivity for validation of high-speed digital product designs.

The 4-GHz 54854A and the 6-GHz 54855A sample at 20 Gsamples/s on all four input channels simultaneously. The increased sample rate improves measurement accuracy while reducing the chance of signal aliasing. The scopes can capture four full-bandwidth, real-time signals off a single trigger event.

The high-bandwidth InfiniiMax 1130A series active probes provide single-ended and differential measurements up to 7 GHz. The probes' design ensures connectivity to full bandwidth even in tight probing areas. Their flexible architecture enables single-ended or differential measurements from a single probe amplifier.

The Infiniium 54855A 6-GHz oscilloscope costs $58,995. Active single-ended and active differential probes for the 54855A cost $6500 and $8550, respectively. The Infiniium 54854A 4-GHz scope costs $49,995, and its matching active single-ended and differential probes cost $5100 and $7150, respectively. Shipping starts in February 2003.

Agilent Technologies Inc., www.agilent.com; (800) 452-4844, ext. 7768.

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