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Receiver Enables Fast Laser Pulse Measurement

Receiver Enables Fast Laser Pulse Measurement

The iC212 optical receiver is deemed a first of a kind by its maker in that it operates over an input frequency range of DC to 1.4 GHz while providing a wide spectral range. It is suitable for measurements of fast laser diode pulses. Spectral sensitivity ranges from near ultra violet at 320 nm to the infrared spectrum at 1,000 nm and the active sensor area of its Si-PIN photo diode with lens measures 0.75 mm². Other specs include a gain of 1.625 V/mW at λ = 760 nm. Optical power in the sub-mW range is detectable and DC levels at the input are compensated for via an offset trimming feature. For mounting, the iC212 comes with M6 screw threads and an optional fibre connector. iC-Haus CORP., Pinckney, MI. (734) 878-5655.

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