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Retractable-Tip Test Probes Fit Into Tight Spots

When used extended, two new retractable-tip test probes reach into restricted areas, eliminating the need to remove covers or shields as with other probes. Designed for test and measurement of electronics components in tight spaces with limited access, the fully insulated Model 5952A and 5953A probes have a hardened stainless steel tip. The 0.040" diameter tip extends up to 3" and can penetrate conformal coatings, paint and oxidation. The tip requires no disassembly of parts and can be fully retracted into the handle for storage. Silicone insulated, the flexible 4' leads fit most meters, including Fluke, Meterman, Agilent, Amprobe and Greenlee. The Kynar insulated covering on the probe tip prevents shorting against conductive elements. The 5953A probe complies with IEC1010, UL3111 and meets European standard EN61010. The Model 5952A comes equipped with multi-stacking banana plugs compatible with all banana plug input jacks. Supplied as a set of two, the Models 5953A and 5952A cost $18.80. POMONA ELECTRONICS, Pomona, CA. (909) 469-2900.


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