Electronic Design

RF Record/Playback System Provides Error-Free Signal Capture

Claiming to deliver error-free signal capture from DC to 6 GHz, the WARP-6000 wideband acquisition record and playback system accepts analog signals directly from an antenna or via an external downconverter, converts them to the digital domain using an ADC sampling at 12 Gsamples/s, and stores the data on solid-state media with capacity of up to 32 TB. Signal files are stored in an open format, allowing captured signals to be analyzed by a wide range of third party tools including MATLAB. WARP-6000 can then reconvert the entire 6 GHz bandwidth or only a portion of interest to analog form using a 12 Gsamples/s DAC. In addition, the signal pattern can be rearranged using X-COM’s RF Editor software, whose intuitive user interface is similar to that of professional audio editing software. X-COM Systems, Reston, VA. (571) 612-5490.  

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