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RF Signal Generators Go Modular And Portable

RF Signal Generators Go Modular And Portable

Setting benchmarks for simplicity, portability, modularity, and performance, the S-Series RF signal generators provide readings at the touch of a screen, eliminating buttons, rotary controls, and software menus. First in the series are the SGA analog generators targeting general-purpose, aerospace, and military test apps. A LCD touch-screen interface allows modulated or swept RF signals to be set up using fewer keystrokes than required by traditional soft key models. Using the Aerolock locking mechanism allows additional RF instruments such as a second signal generator and combiner to be mechanically coupled externally. The SGA is currently available in two models: the SGA 3 with an operating frequency from 100 kHz to 3 GHz and the SGA 6 covering 100 kHz to6 GHz. Other features include a typical single sideband phase noise of -135 dBc/Hz at 20 kHz offset from a 1 GHz carrier, frequency settling times of 1 ms in conventional frequency selection mode or 100 µs in list mode, a maximum RF output power of +13 dBm, resolution of 0.01 dB, and a high power option is available to extend the maximum calibrated RF level to +20 dBm. AEROFLEX INC., Plainview, NY. (800) 835-2352.

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