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RFID, HSUPA Software Enhances Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers

New software capabilities for Tektronix's Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers (RTSAs) offer test engineers easy-to-use analysis tools that test RFID standards; third-generation mobile phone technology, including High-Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA); and the Project 25/Mobile Land Radio standard for digital two-way wireless communication. The software supports digital rf tests using the WCA200A, RSA3300A, and RSA3408A series RTSAs.

Adding to existing support for High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) the software now also supports HSUPA 3GPP Release 6. This allows engineers to monitor the uplink channel and check signal quality with measurements such as error vector magnitude and code domain power. In addition, users can check the interaction between the base station and the handset using a unique gain ratio view and codogram to enable engineers to monitor power consumption and validate total system operation.

With more RFID standards and devices, and with the prospects of additional standards being developed, interoperability is a key issue in RFID applications. To help ensure interoperability, Tektronix expanded RFID support to include ISO14443 (Type A and B) and legacy support for EPCglobal Gen1. The new capabilities also support the analysis of C4FM modulation as used in Project 25, an industry standard for the manufacturing of interoperable digital two-way wireless communication products, which was created to improve radio spectrum efficiency.

For more information on the new software, go to www.tektronix.com.

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