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RF/Microwave Test Environment Reduces Life Cycle Costs

RF/Microwave Test Environment Reduces Life Cycle Costs

The SMART^E 5300 general-purpose test environment operates from dc to 40 GHz and offers the unique ability to test, monitor, and control any device under test (DUT) within a single test environment. Essentially it eliminates a large rack of test equipment and replaces it with a compact test system that is quickly reconfigurable and deployable to suit any individual DUT or production line. Touted as the ultimate in flexible testing, features include an open system architecture, intuitive user interface, third-party modules and instruments, software measurement libraries, system-level calibration, and diagnostic software. Additionally, all hardware modules and interfaces are based on industry standards including PXI, LXI, cPCI, Ethernet, etc. AEROFLEX INC., Plainview, NY. (800) 843-1553.
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