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RIAS Technology Boosts Emulation System Efficiency

The company has applied a real-time internal access supervisor (RIAS) chip to its DProbeHC12 emulation system for use with Motorola's series of HC12 microcontroller devices. Using the RIAS chip, all cycles that have nothing to do with the actual program flow are filtered out, preventing faults in the emulation logic due to false bus cycles.The 16-bit HC12 microcontrollers use a 3-stage internal queue that accelerates program execution, an action that also makes it difficult to emulate the processor. This is because the instructions are read into the queue before execution and, in some cases, may not be executed at all.Previously available solutions were not capable of logging the actual program flow in trace memory. Applying the filtering action of the RIAS chip allows both reliable analysis and trigerring of HC12 applications.


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