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Rise-Time Filter Kits Accelerate HDMI Testing

Recommended for HDMI Compliance Test Specification (CTS) version 1.3b testing, the Model 5915 rise time filters specifically perform HDMI cable and sink DUT compliance testing. Also known as transition time converters, the filters are used at the output of a signal generator to attain a slew rate match with a particular HDMI-specified TP1 eye diagram. They employ a unique broadband, matched-circuit design that minimizes reflections and unwanted test artifacts. The Model 5915 filters work with TMDS signal generators, such as Agilent's E4887A-007 ParBERT and the DTG5334 from Tektronix, for testing HDMI cables at clock frequencies of 74.25 MHz, 165 MHz, and 340 MH, and for testing sink DUTs at 27 MHz, 74.25 MHz, 148.5 MHz, and 222.75 MHz. Pricing starts at $495 each/10+. PICOSECOND PULSE LABS INC., Boulder, CO. (303) 209-8100.


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