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RTD Measurement Instrument Gives Instantaneous Results

An RTD version of the TEMPpoint temperature measurement instrument line, the DT9872 is a PC-based instrument featuring virtually no warm-up time, translating into instantaneous stabilization. Users can be view, graph, and export temperature values to Excel and perform limit checking for control or monitoring of a manufacturing process. The instrument provides 48, four-wire RTD inputs with Kelvin sensing to eliminate measurement errors. Users can quickly attach Platinum 100 Ohm (Pt100), Platinum 500 Ohm (Pt500), or Platinum 1,000 Ohm (Pt1000) RTDs and mix and match these with voltage inputs. Other features include 1-kV channel-to-channel isolation, eight opto-isolated digital input and output lines, 48 24-bit a/d converters, simultaneous throughput across all channels at rates up to 7.5 Hz per channel, auto calibration, and a rugged, 2U rack-mountable enclosure. Available in February, price for the DT9872 with RTD inputs is $7,995. DATA TRANSLATION INC., Marlboro, MA. (800) 525-8528.


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