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Scope Option Looks At 32 Digital Channels

Designers often must look at both analog and digital signals when testing and debugging their projects. Now that many of these mixed-signal systems use 16- or even 32-bit microcontrollers, the more digital channels designers can view at the same time, the faster test and debug will go.

The MS-32 Mixed-Signal Option from LeCroy meets this need by adding 32 channels of digital acquisition support to most four-channel WaveSurfer 400 and WaveRunner 6000A series oscilloscopes. Users can simultaneously check all 16 address and 16 data lines of a 16-bit microcontroller, time-synchronized with up to four analog channels.

Flexible triggering capability helps users capture events of interest. Designers can select an analog trigger or define a digital trigger by digital pattern, logic bus value, or interval. Sampling rate is up to 500 Msamples/s, and acquisition memory is 1 Mpoint/channel. All standard tools—such as cursors, measurement parameters, and zooming—are available.

The MS-32's digital logic pod consolidates the 32 digital channels. It connects to the scope through an interface module. The WaveSurfer 400 scopes come in 350- and 500-MHz versions, with a maximum 2-Gsample/s acquisition rate and 1-Mpoint/channel analog memories. The WaveRunner 6000A scopes feature 500-MHz to 2-GHz bandwidths with sampling rates of 5 or 10 Gsamples/s and 2-Mpoint/channel memories.

The MS-32 option costs $3990.

LeCroy Corp.

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