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Scope Option Measures Jitter From 50 Mbits/s To 40 Gbits/s

The industry's first jitter subcomponent-analysis option, the 86100C Infiniium Digital Communications Analyzer with Jitter (DCA-J), accurately measures all types of jitter from 50 Mbits/s to 40 Gbits/s. Random, deterministic, data-dependent, and pattern jitter as well as intersymbol interference can all be measured with the push of a single button.

Developed by Agilent Technologies, the 86100C DCA-J combines four measurement functions in one case: automated "eye diagram" measurements, full-function time-domain reflectometry (TDR) measurements for impedance analysis, a full-function oscilloscope with bandwidth in excess of 80 GHz, and an innovative and accurate jitter analyzer for electrical and optical signals.

"The speed of the DCA-J is impressive. Data-dependent jitter measurements that used to take hours have been reduced to less than a minute," says Steve Hibbens, a silicon evaluation specialist at Texas Instruments and DCA-J user.

"This is a major leap forward in equivalent-time sampling oscilloscope technology, setting a new standard for jitter measurements," claims Sigi Gross, Agilent Technologies' vice president and general manager for the Digital Verification Solutions Division.

The DCA-J's modular architecture is backward-compatible with all Agilent plug-in modules, such as the 86100A/B, 83480A, and 54750A. The 86100C DCA-J is available now for $31,000. Base price for the 86100C sampling oscilloscope is $17,500.

Agilent Technologies

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