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Scope Probes Handle 1400-V Range

Designed to meet the requirements of EN61010 Category III probing, the ADP300 and ADP305 active differential oscilloscope probes provide a 1400-V peak differential voltage range. The ADP300, with a 20-MHz bandwidth, is recommended for low-frequency power circuits and signals where the voltage reference is elevated from ground or the location of ground is unknown. The ADP305 comes with a 100-MHz bandwidth and is designed for high-speed power electronics. Both probes offer an 80-dB CMRR at 50/60 Hz and low circuit loading. Sensitivity ranges are from 1 V/div to 350 V/div for the ADP300 and from 200 mV/div to 350 V/div for the ADP305. They are priced $300 and $950, respectively.


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