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Scope Scoop: Jitter Analysis Software Boosts Performance

Faster, more accurate, and easier-to-use jitter and timing measurements are possible for Tektronix's oscilloscopes thanks to Version 2 of the company's TDSJIT3 Measurement Wizard software package. Several manual functions have been automated, too.

The package auto-sets the source threshold levels, but it will provide an override for unusual cases. Measurement-configuration and source-configuration screens are now separated for a more intuitive way to show how each collection of configuration settings may affect results. Single measurements can be made using a guided interface, which guides users through a set of configuration screens. And, it's possible to correlate jitter amplitude measurements with phase-noise measurement thanks to a new special phase-noise plot.

The software reliably and accurately analyzes jitter on signals with repeating and nonrepeating data patterns, including spectral averaging and spectral peak hold. This is critical where spurious noise is random or "flickers" on and off. It's also vital for the capture of short events to show that certain high-magnitude impulses deserve further investigation.

Another feature is RJ and TJ measurement at bit-error rates on arbitrary patterns. Measurement of data signals can occur even when the user doesn't have full control of data content. Filters are provided for clock and data measurements.

The software package costs $4500.

Tektronix Inc.
(800) 833-9200

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