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Scope/Analyzer Simplifies Digital Component Testing

Consisting of a 50-GHz oscilloscope that also functions as a digital communications analyzer (DCA), this combination instrument permits compliance measurements to be performed for digital components in just one step. From components to systems, digital transmission test engineers can use the Model 86100A Infiniium DCA mainframe to rapidly ensure their transmitters meet industry standards. The 86100A has integrated optical and electrical receivers for measuring and characterizing lightwave communications waveforms.
The scope/analyzer has industry-standard filters that allow engineers to switch from compliance testing to wide bandwidth analysis in just seconds. And for transmitter compliance testing, the 86100A can be configured to get the specific bandwidth, filtering and sensitivity needed. The receiver modules used in the 83480A DCA and 54750A scope are compatible with the 86100A Infiniium DCA mainframe, with code used in automated test systems designed around the 83480A and 54750A usable in the 86100A with only minor modifications. Price of the DCA mainframe starts at $16,500, plus the cost of the modules; optical and electrical receiver modules range from $9000 to $24,500.

Company: AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES - Test and Measurement Organization

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