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Scopes’ Acquisition Memory Runs 1 Gbyte Deep

The GageDMO family of specialty digital storage oscilloscopes offers acquisition memories of up to 1 Gbyte deep with data storage at rates of 100 MS/s. The units’ architecture allows the use of the latest memory technology with waveform digitizing techniques, which together lend the instruments to many uses in telecommunications, networking, wireless, radar, lightning test, and smart card and semiconductor tests, all of which require very long, gapless data capture capabilities.The scopes provide aggregate sampling rates up to 100 MS/s for 8-bit resolution and to 50 MS/s for 12-bit resolution. Up to eight channels of simultaneous analog input are possible in one system. Sample rate and memory storage space is divided among the channels. The units come with a built-in DSO mode in which signals can be sampled at rates up to 500 MS/s with buffer memory of at least 2 million samples.


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