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Scopes Quicken Search For Details In Complex Signals

The slow responsiveness and manual setups that reportedly have plagued users of deep-memory oscilloscopes in the past are said to be overcome by a series of three new, 600 MHz to 1 GHz mid-range scopes. According to the company, the feature-rich scopes provide instant responses to captured long serial data waveforms, even with the deepest memory, and can quickly zoom in and search through the data with no annoying delays. Time-consuming manual setups are also said to be avoided as a result of a memory management system that reportedly never misses an event or under-samples a waveform.The Infiniium MegaZoom deep-memory family of scopes consists of the 600-MHz, 2-channel 54830B, the 600-MHz, 4-channel 54831B, and the 1-GHz, 4-channel 54832B, with the three models offering 2 Mpts of memory depth per channelÑup to 16 Mpts is optional. Other features of the scopes include: an easy-to-operate analog-like front panel; Windows Ô98-based GUI for accessing advanced features; PC connectivity that enables, among other things, web-enabled remote operation and e-mail on trigger; and a number of application options, such as a fixture that enables time-correlation measurements between the scopes and the companyÕs powerful 16700 logic analyzers and a number of active and differential probes. Prices: 54830B, $12,995; 54831B, $17,995; and 54832B, $20,995. For more details, call AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES, Test and Measurement Org., Santa Clara, CA. (800) 452-4844, ext. 7589.


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