Electronic Design

Sensors Monitor Dynamic Pressure Changes, High-Intensity Acoustics

The Series 171 dynamic pressure sensors from PCB Piezotronics Inc. are well-suited for monitoring dynamic pressure oscillations in turbine engines. Variations in natural gas can increase such oscillations, causing inefficiencies, increased nitrogen oxide emissions, and damaging combustion instabilities. The Series 171 sensors can also be used in applications to detect high-intensity acoustics, pulsations, and pressure fluctuations in pumps, furnaces, and pipes.

The Series 171 pressure sensors have sensitivities to 1200 pC/psi (174 pC/kPa), a pressure range of 10 psi (70 kPa), and a maximum pressure of 600 psi (4140 kPa). They can operate at temperatures up to 500°F (260°C), and come packaged in a case-isolated housing with rugged, 2-pin MIL-spec connectors. Go to www.pcb.com for detailed specifications and drawings. Contact the company for price and availability.

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