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Serial Data-Analysis Option Tuns Data Into 8B/10B Code

A novel serial-data-analyzer (SDA) package developed by Agilent Technologies for its Infiniium 54850 series oscilloscopes translates data into two-digit 8B/10B coding. The coding is used for high-speed serial data transmissions over buses like PCI Express, Serial ATA, and Fibre Channel.

The E2688A SDA provides advanced analysis techniques for 8B/10B coding that help engineers save days of time in debugging, characterizing, and validating high-speed serial bus designs. The SDA includes software clock recovery and real-time eye mask testing features that help streamline the cycle of acquiring, testing, and identifying failures.

An optional N5393A PCI Express precompliance test package is also available for the SDA. It lets designers perform rigorous tests on their products to determine compliance with PCI Express standards.

"Agilent has been tracking the high-speed serial-bus trend that is fundamentally changing the nature of today's fastest Electronic Designs," says Ron Nersesian, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Design Validation Division. "Waveform analysis is becoming more complex, particularly with the increased use of high-speed standards like Fibre Channel."

Both the E2688A SDA and the optional N5393A PCI Express precompliance test package are available now at respective prices of $7995 and $1995.

Agilent Technologies
(800) 429-4444, ext. 7891

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