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Service Offers Access To Phone Networks For Testing Java Apps

Using Sony Ericsson Virtual Lab from Sony Ericsson and Mobile Complete, developers of Java applications for mobile phones can gain remote access to phones connected to live networks.

The Sony Ericsson Virtual Lab is a remote testing service designed to dramatically reduce the time and resources required to develop and test Java ME-based applications for Sony Ericsson phones. Released by Sony Ericsson and Mobile Complete, the on-line service is available globally to all members of the Sony Ericsson Developer World on Mobile Complete’s Web site. The Sony Ericsson Virtual Lab provides Java developers a means to faster and more cost-effective development for test and monitor applications on real Sony Ericsson phones—including pre-commercial units—connected to live mobile networks 24/7 through an Internet browser. As a result, developers no longer need to invest in device labs or even be physically present on an operator's network.

The service has initially gone live with six of the most popular mass-market feature phone models announced in 2007. More phones will become available as soon as possible. Five of the phone models available for remote testing as of today—the Sony Ericsson W880 and W580 Walkman phones, the K550 and K810 Cyber-shot phones, and the T650—are representative of Sony Ericsson's Java Platform 7 (JP-7). The sixth, the W910 Walkman, is based on the new Java Platform 8 (JP-8), which supports the Mobile Services Architecture (MSA), the next-generation Java umbrella standard (JSR-248), as well as Java Binding for the OpenGL ES API (JSR-239).

Contact the company for availability information.
The cost for using the service depends of the developer’s testing needs and starts as low as $100 a month.
Visit www.SonyEricsson.com/developer/virtuallab



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