Signal Generator Attacks Complex RF Multichannel Scenarios

Signal Generator Attacks Complex RF Multichannel Scenarios

A vector signal generator released by Rohde & Schwarz combines a baseband generator, RF generator, and MIMO fading simulator into one instrument. The SMW200A covers the frequency range from 100kHz to 3GHz, and features an I/Q modulation bandwidth of 160 MHz with internal baseband. The instrument can be equipped with a second RF path for frequencies up to 6 GHz, as well as a maximum of two baseband and four fading simulator modules, thus providing two full-featured vector signal generators in one unit. Simulation of fading scenarios such as 2x2 MIMO, 8x2 MIMO for TD-LTE, and 2x2 MIMO for LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation can be facilitated using this setup. Applications such as 3x3 MIMO for WLAN or 4x4 MIMO for LTE-FDD require more than two RF sources. In addition to the two internal RF paths provided, signal-generator modules can be connected as additional RF sources and remotely controlled by the SMW200A. Options for every key digital communications standard are available from the start. They run directly on the generator without having to connect an external PC. The SMW200A comes with a new touchscreen for intuitive control, with the block diagram becoming a vital element for signal-flow visualization. Also included are help functions along with presets for all important digital standards and fading scenarios.


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