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Signal Generator Produces 3GPP Signals

Said to be an excellent tool for analysis of components and base stations designed for next generation 3GPP signals, the MG3681A signal generator provides five down-link 3GPP channels and two up-link channels. Covering a frequency range from 250 kHz to 3 GHz, the instrument's down-link channels include a dedicated physical channel, common pilot channel, primary common control physical channel, primary synchronization channel, and secondary synchronization channel.
The generator's uplink channels include a dedicated physical channel and primary random access channel. I/Q modulation bandwidth of the instrument is 30 MHz, while adjacent channel power rating is -68 dBc at 5 MHz offset and -75 dBc at 10 MHz offset. The MG3681A can be used for analog modulation requirements as well, with AM, FM, phase and pulse modulation available.

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